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FUERD Capabilities

Whether you want to source individual components, complete products,
or upgrade existing products, our resources are available for you and your concept.

Our rich experience in OEM/ODM auto parts production, standardized processes and professional services mean that we can meet every detailed requirement in the product development process.

Whether you use electrical components produced by FUERD's sister factory or your designated PCB manufacturing company, the overall finish of the product is not compromised.

Your EV-charger product will become a reality with the cooperation of our team. You will work with a group of talented people in industries ranging from mechanical engineering to industrial design, manufacturing,

And we are also an OEM/ODM auto parts production company, ensuring that your ideas are answered quickly and professionally at every step.

Promote the innovative development of new energy
1. Design
and development
We communicate with you about various product parameters, understand your needs, and give a holistic solution.
2. Prototype
and engineering
We can validate your ideas and quickly turn prototypes into production-ready engineering drawings.
3. Manufacturing
and service
We carry out production and testing according to engineering drawings and provide corresponding data.
4. Product
and delivery
We confirm the product in full accordance with the requirements of the product and deliver the product to any place specified by the customer.

We provide overall design, system, electrical, mechanical and
software engineering services and manufacture EV-chargers.

We are committed to breathing new ideas for EV-chargers. From the concept stage to the
moment it becomes a concrete product, your idea achieves its goals on FUERD.


EV-charger product development phase - from concept to manufacturing.
1. Proof of concept

Realization of product concepts

Research and brainstorming

Technology selection

Use off-the-shelf components for design verification.

2. User experience design

Design for product usability

Product design sketches

Software application storyboards

Product Availability

3. Product design

Design systems that meet customer needs

Product feature definition

System architecture design

Professional Engineering & Simulation

4. Product development

Product design through creation

mechanical engineering

Electronic Engineering

software engineer

5. Rapid prototyping

Bring products to life

3D printing and custom electronics

Software integration

Real-world testing

6. Pre-production

Make sure the product is ready

Environmental and certification testing

Tool creation

APH and beta testing

7. Production preparation

Medium to high volume production

Manufacturing process improvements

Quality assurance improvements

Improve product profitability


Let's build an eco-friendly EV-charger together

Automotive Fixed Piles, Mobile Piles, Portable

Engineering teams working
In today's rapid development of EV-charger technology, innovation drives product success. We provide the engineering resources and manufacturing behind innovation.

When you need direct access to talent from a variety of industrial design to facilitate your product development efforts, our dedicated engineering team may be just what you are looking for. Our team's extensive design and manufacturing capabilities keep your product development projects on schedule while working closely with your in-house team. We want to help you achieve more competitive mass production and maintain a competitive edge in the market by saving costs and innovating quickly, so the leadership of our engineering team brings a new level of innovation to total solutions.

How it works

The FUERD engineering team always comes
first to meet your project needs

From project initiation to completion, our team maintains the project's momentum by anticipating and coordinating the expertise required to complete each phase. We start designing your products based on manufacturing, and make each part cost-effective and quickly produced, while ensuring consistency of overall engineering needs and objectives.

Each member of our engineering team is very aware of the customer's needs, we control the progress of the project through the schedule, and there are also scheduled progress meetings to communicate the progress. At the end of the product development phase, our customers can also choose us to take care of the overall product completion, or they can purchase some electronic components from your designated factory, and finally we complete the overall assembly, and finally promote the smooth mass production of the product.


Our engineering team will often re-optimize your product to meet your latest needs.