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1. Consultation & Customized Solution

Free Consultation
FUERD's team of experts takes time to understand the specific demands your project requires. From design and functionality to material and cost, we provide expert guidance in every step of production.

Customized Engineering
FUERD Electric’s customized solutions are tailored-fit to provide output with speed and efficiency. Utilizing over 100+ molds and fast prototyping capabilities, we reduce production time by up to 30%, resulting in better products at a shorter time frame.

2. Product Design & Development

30+ years of experience allows us to provide responsive design & production analyses for improved overall performance of our EV charger products.

Aimed at turning your concepts into exceptional projects, our professional team combines world-class talent and exceptional creativity. From budding start-ups to established brands, we form lasting partnerships with our clients for continuous growth and progress.

3. Manufacturing

FUERD is capable of providing complete and reliable EV charger shielding for your EV charging systems through our streamlined production of quality EV charger solutions.

RAPID MOLDING: When you require customized solutions for your EV projects, our workshop is capable of developing new molds within two weeks and have them sent to a specific site.

Creating complete EV charger products, our factory possesses an advanced automatic manufacturing line to efficiently produce bulk orders.

4. Team Support

FUERD technical provides 24/7 technical phone support around the globe. Our engineer team can provide answers to system, procedural, or component issues that may arise. Our support team uses a complete knowledge base shared by each support department, allowing us to provide a proper solution for any specific problems.