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The perfect EV charging solution for your commercial parking

We offer EV Charging solutions for a wide range of commercial property needs, including fleet operations, offices, retail, hospitality, multi-unit residential, industrial and more. We offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions—chargers, software, and services. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

Attracting EV Customers
Drivers with electric vehicles are often attracted to commercial parking lots where they are sure of getting a charging point which makes their lives easier and less stressful.
Commitment to the Environment
An EV charging point shows a commitment to having a clean and carbon-free environment as a commercial parking lot.
Increased Property Value
With a charging point for EVs, the property value increases at a geometric rate and faster than a commercial parking lot with not charging for EVs.
Stand out from the crowd
Gain a competitive edge and attract new EV drivers with your publicly-visible charging stations. Plus, delight your customers by offering reliable and easy-to-use charging experiences.
Keep growing your business
As EV adoption accelerates, so too will your occupancy rates! Our cost-effective and centralized charging management software makes managing your profitable charging network a breeze.
Experts you can rely on
With charging solutions tailored for your business, as well as access to a trusted network of certified installation and service partners, you’re in good hands when you choose FUERD.
Frequently Asked Questions
> Who can install commercial EV charging stations?

Commercial EV charging stations are often suitable for business outfits that want to increase customer acquisition, increase property value, or satisfy their employees. However, these businesses are often sizable and have the budget for it. They include locations like workplaces where many people spend most of their time. A workplace’s parking lot is a good spot for locating an EV charging station. Employees can maximize the parking period for charging their EVs while doing other productive assignments. Shopping centers also find it profitable to install commercial EV charging stations as many people often shop and buy different items. The high traffic volume at these shopping centers makes it a perfect location for siting an EV charging station. Business districts are often government-planned and designated sites for businesses like malls, restaurants, and office blocks, making it a good location for an EV charging station.

> What kind of EV charging station do my clients need?

There are three levels of charging stations that are generally categorized based on their respective charging speeds. Therefore, determining your clients’ needs based on the charging speeds they require will often help you identify the type of charging station to install.

  • The level 1 charging station has a charging speed of between 3 to 5 miles per hour and a voltage requirement of 120 volts. This type is the cheapest charging station and the slowest.

  • The level 2 charging station has a charging speed of between 10 to 54 miles per hour with a voltage requirement of 240 volts. This type is more expensive than the level 1 charging station, but it is also faster. Level 2 charging station is the most common type of commercial charging station.

  • The level 3 charging station has a charging speed of between 75 to 300 miles per hour with a voltage requirement of 480 volts. It is the most expensive to install and the fastest of the three charging station types.
> How much does it cost to install an EV charging station?

For a commercial EV charging station, level 2 chargers are the most common types of chargers used, and these have an average upfront cost of $6,000. Nonetheless, other factors can significantly increase or reduce this cost.

  • One critical factor is the availability of critical infrastructure like concrete base, electricity cabling and conducting, parking lots, and signages. If these infrastructures are already on ground, the cost might be significantly reduced. Otherwise, such infrastructures can further increase the cost.

  • Installation cost is another critical factor that may increase having a commercial EV charging station as different providers charge differently for installation. Some of the things these installers consider when giving their prices include location, labor required, local permits, material quantities, and the number of chargers.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity is another cost-related factor as you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to monitor the usage of the service, restrict the service in certain situations, and bill the users.


> What are electric charger incentives and rebates?

The government in certain localities have put incentives to encourage the use of Electric vehicles. These incentives are geared at reducing the carbon emission in these communities and increasing cleaner air. The US government, for instance, offers a federal tax credit system called the Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Tax Credit that offsets up to 30% or $30,000 of the total cost of installing a charging station.

Also, 45 of the 50 states in the US offer incentives under the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) program to reduce the cost of installing EV charging stations. Sometimes, these incentives can cover up to $5,000 and $70,000 for level 2 and level 3 charging stations, respectively.

> How do I start to install my commercial electric car charging stations?

Installing a commercial EV charging station, just like any investment, requires some financial commitment. And though this investment might be significant, the opportunity for incentives and rebates from local authorities reduces the financial burdens. Also, benefits like customer retention and attraction, brand awareness, increased profits, and employee retention makes it exciting and meaningful. Most prospective commercial EV charger investors complain about a reliable supplier as their biggest challenge. That’s why we have positioned ourselves to help you answer all your questions from preliminary designs up until delivery and installation of the charging station.

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An installation guide showing you the procedures for installing the Home EV charging equipment comes along with the charger on delivery.
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To ensure you get maximum benefits and demonstrate our commitment to customers’ satisfaction, we give a 2-year warranty for the charger after installation.
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