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FUERD's Qualified Team of Production Design Experts

Aimed at turning your concepts into exceptional projects, our professional team combines world-class talent and exceptional creativity.

Our experts have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing electrical protection parts for PV installations and setups.
From budding start-ups to established brands, we form lasting partnerships with our clients for continuous growth and progress.
Always delivering on our commitments, our knowledge allows us to constantly seek challenges your project may face and deal with them.
Extensive Design and
Analysis Service

BENY Electric provides clients a range of value-added services aimed at enhancing the overall output and performance of our project, improving response to unexpected situations, and securing the best equipment for the project. The services include:

  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Energy management studies
  • Power quality management
  • Load flow and measurement
Other Services Offered by FUERD Electric
Consult with our experts as they offer solutions that consider cost, materials and functional design in every step of production.

Creating complete PV protective products, our factory possesses an advanced automatic manufacturing line to efficiently produce bulk orders.
Technical Support
Available 24/7, our seasoned staff offer professional technical support via phone call or emails to monitor the runnings of our any PV system.