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Apr 27, 2023

              Build Park Charging to Hongkong Disney

FUERD hands with Hong Kong Disneyland to protect your childhood world.

Last year, although the growth rate of the global new energy passenger vehicle market slowed down significantly, it still surpassed the peak of 6 million. In contrast, the new energy passenger vehicles in Greater China (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) increased by 46%. Market share firmly occupies the top spot in the global market.

Established in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland, the first Disney theme park in China, has attracted many tourists. To improve the play experience while improving the play facilities, Hong Kong Disneyland has also gradually paid attention to the supporting construction outside the park.

Based on the popularity of new energy vehicles in the market, Hong Kong Disneyland has set out to solve the problem of supplying charging technology facilities in the park so that tourists can enjoy a convenient and comfortable play experience from entering the park to leaving the park.

Smart Charging Ready for Hongkong Disney

To better promote cooperation, FUERD, based on a complete understanding of the power consumption characteristics of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park, specially designed an intelligent charging system solution, using a 7kW operating version of the AC pile (European standard) to meet the changing needs of car owners, and equipped with charging operation management The system solves the needs of unified operation and organization of the park.

Hong Kong Disneyland has a commitment to creating a “fast travel and slow play” vacation experience, and the vehicles have the characteristics of long-term charging. Therefore, FUERD provides a CE-certified 7kW charging pile this time, which is cost-effective, practical, and perfectly adapted to various mainstream models.

Considering charging piles’ operation and management requirements, FUERD also offers a charging organizational platform that supports OCPP1.6, which can efficiently manage the piles online and access the parking lot management system to truly achieve the purpose of one-stop management.

FUERD hopes that this cooperation will solve the charging needs of new energy vehicle owners when they play, provide tourists with more convenient transportation, and shorten the distance between us and the fairy tale world. After struggling in the busy city for a long time, it is time to experience the wonderful world that my mother told me about when I was a child.



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