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Outdoor 55 Inch Advertising Screen AC Ev Charger

Products Mode:
Output Current: 7/22/43kW
Output Power:: 11kW/16A; 22kW/32A; 43kW/63A
Rated Output Power: 7/22/43KW
Size: 172*82*60cm
Weight: 145KG
Application: Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Color: Costomized

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Customized logo 7/22/43kw Floor Stand Outdoor 55 Inch Advertising Screen AC Ev Charger
The PAC EV charger is an AC EV charger for commercial use. It uses a 55-inch large-screen display, which can play advertisements while charging, and has high commercial value.The whole machine adopts dustproof and waterproof design, and the protection level reaches IP54, which is not afraid of high temperature and low temperature. It is suitable for commercial squares, charging stations, office buildings and other scenarios.

Product features:
  ♦ OCPP1.6J+
  ♦ Type B RCD
  ♦.All components come with CE certificate.
  ♦ 5 Inch touch screen and 55 inch advertisement screen
  ♦ RFID &Credit card payment
  ♦ MID meter
  ♦ APP operation
  ♦ Ethernet&WIFI&4G
  ♦ Remote monitor &appointment &diagnosis &upgrade
Electrical Features Rated power Type2:7/22/43kw
Input Single phase:230V±10%
Three phase:400V±10%
Output Voltage 100VAC-400VAC+/-20%
Output Current
Type2:7kw-single phase 32A
22kw-three phase 32A
43kw-three phase 64A
Type1:9kw-single phase 40A
Functional Features
User Interface Emergency Stop/LED indicator/RFID
RCD Type B:30ma ac and 6ma dc
Safety Features Overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overload protection, leakage protection, Overcurrent protection
Working environment Working latitude <2000m
Working temperature -30° C~+55° C
Working humidity 5 %~ 95%
Protection level IP55
Cooling Natural cooling
Safety standards IEC61851-1/2017
Special protection Anti-UV protection
LCD Panel Panel size 55 inch
Maximum resolution 1920x1080
Brightness(nits) 2500nits