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IEC 62196-3 Combo 1 Socket 150A 200A CCS Type 1 inlets DC Fast Charging Socket V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV200S32

Products Mode:
Rated Current: 80A /150A / 200A
Operation Voltage: DC 1000V
Insulation Resistance: >1000MΩ(DC500V)
DC Max Charging Power: 90KW
AC Max Charging Power: 41.5KW
Withstand Voltage: 3200V
Certificate: CE TUV
Plug Type: SAE J1772/IEC 62196-2
Application: AC Home Charging
Color: Costomized

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IEC 62196-3 Combo 1 Socket 150A 200A CCS Type 1 inlets DC Fast Charging Socket V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV200S32 

IEC 62196-3 150A 200A CCS1 Inlet CCS Combo 1 SAE J1772 Charging Inlet Socket

1. This CCS Combo 1 Charging Socket is TUV, CE ,UL and RHOS Certificated, is safe and reliable.
2. This CCS1 charging socket is installed on the electric cars as an electric inlet for DC Charging Socket.

Detailed dimensions

1. Charging socket conforms to SAE J1772-2016 standard
2. Concise appearance, support front and back installation
3. Safety pins insulated head design to prevent accidental direct contact with staff
4. Overall product protection level 3S,Back protection class IP65
Mechanical properties 1. Mechanical life : no-load plug in/pull out>10000 times
Electrical Performance
1. DC input: 80A/150A/200A  600V DC
2. AC input: 16A/32A/60A  240/415V AC
3. Insulation resistance:>2000MΩ(DC1000V)
4. Terminal temperature rise:<50K
5. Withstand Voltage:3000V
6. Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ Max
Applied Materials 1. Case Material: Thermoplastic,flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
2. Pin:Copper alloy,silver + thermoplastic on the top
Environmental performance 1. Operating temperature: -30°C~+50°C


Model selection and the standard wiring

Model Rated current Cable specigication
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV80S16 80A/16A 2*5AWG+1*8AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV80S32 80A/32A 2*5AWG+1*8AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV150S16 150A/16A 2*1AWG+1*6AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV150S32 150A/32A 2*1AWG+1*8AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV150S60 150A/60A 2*1AWG+1*8AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV200S16 200A/16A 2*2/0AWG+1*6AWG+2*14AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV200S32 200A/32A 2*2/0AWG+1*6AWG+2*10AWG+2*20AWG
V2-DSIEC3j-G-EV200S60 200A/60A 2*2/0AWG+1*6AWG+2*6AWG+2*20AWG